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My Medical Suitcase TRAVEL offers you tailor-made turnkey solutions combining your therapeutic journey and your medical path in France.

To ensure that your health is your only concern, everything is thought out to make your stay as smooth as possible. My Medical Suitcase TRAVEL takes care of your wellbeing.

My Medical Suitcase TRAVEL offers you packages that suit your budget.

Different types of services are offered, adapted to all budgets: See our different packages


Each package includes:

Reception at the place of arrival by a host speaking your language

Transfer to the place of accommodation at departure and on arrival

The accommodation

Transfers to the health centre

Throughout your stay, you will be followed by a single representative in your mother tongue. You will be able to contact them anytime for any question related to your medical or travel history.

Exchanges will be conducted in your mother tongue.
For medical appointments, an interpreter will be provided if necessary to ensure a correct understanding with your radiation oncologist. Upon request, an interpreting service can accompany you throughout your stay.


My Medical Suitcase Travel 

My Medical Suitcase TRAVEL guarantees you secure services with specialist partners

After validation of each service and payment, you will have access to your detailed travel agenda with all the services booked as well as all medical appointments. This travel diary will be accessible at all times via the platform from the support that accompanies you (telephone, tablet, computer). It will also be printable if you wish.

Your travel diary will state:

  • The contact details of the person who will be in charge of your follow-up throughout your stay
  • The place of arrival
  • The details of a contact person on arrival
  • Details of your accommodation
  • The contact details of your radiation oncologist
  • The medical appointments
  • The organisation of transfers between the accommodation and the treatment centre
  • The transfer to your place of departure
  • Any additional options you might have chosen

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