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Access to ortohpedic surgery in France at a controlled and affordable cost

You are overwhelmed with your pain? You can’t move as you did which leads to a deterioration of your general condition? The US cost for knee or hip surgery are so high that you cannot access it.

In coordination with you, My Medical Suitcase helps you to organize a second medical opinion or to find out the right place for your knee or hip surgery in a short term with the lowest possible out-of-pocket expenses.

Put all the chances on your side and come to be operated in the best French centres and clinics.

The insurance of being taken care of in a highly specialised & renowned medical establishment

You need peace of mind and confidence in your health professionals. Our orthopaedic surgeons are highly specialised and perform more than 600 knee replacements and 450 hip replacements each year. They use innovative and minimally invasive surgical protocols. Offer you these latest surgical techniques!

You question yourself about surgery in France
kind of care, cost, coverage, rehabilitation, access....

How long will you have to stay in France?

Your stay in France for your knee surgery and rehabilitation will last a maximum of 3 weeks, depending on the protocol defined by the surgeon.
For hip surgery,your stay in France for your surgery and rehabilitation will last a maximum of 2 weeks.
A physical consultation with your surgeon is necessary 15 days after the surgery.
No specific rehabilitation is necessary after hip replacement.You will be surprised to leave the operating theatre standing up!
You want to resume your activities as soon as possible: the specialised rehabilitation centre and its teams will be pleased to welcome you on site Get access to a full integrated path from surgery to rehabilitation. All the team is patient orientated suggesting options corresponding to patients ‘will.

Costs & Access to specialists

How much does it cost?
The cost of a full knee replacement surgery can vary according to your pathology and the surgeon. You can consider it around 17 100 USD.
The cost of a full hip replacement surgery can vary according to your pathology and the surgeon. You can consider it around 14 600 USD.
The price includes accommodation in a VIP room, consultations with the surgeon and medical imaging.
How long does it take to have access to a surgeon ?
Within one month after the first advise of the surgeon you will be operated.

What are the different options to be covered for a surgery in France?

What are the different options to be covered for a surgery in France?

You are a self-payer, do not hesitate to compare the French offer with your local ones. It’s without risk. You will then be in a position to make a well-informed decision.
You have a local insurance. Do not hesitate to contact them to know if you would be covered for an orthopedic surgery in France.
You have an international insurance, you can be treated in any country you would like to in the limit of your cover. Check your insurance policy and choose the best option for you.

Access to specialists​

Would you pay the same price if you pass through My Medical Suitcase or in direct?

Would you think you would pay less passing directly through the care center than contacting My Medical Suitcase, you could be right. In practice this is not true. We have specific agreements with our partner centres guaranteeing the same price as if you would directly contact them. We give you the guarantee of being taken care of by the best surgeons and accompany you so that your health is your only concern. Forget the mental burden of appointments, paperwork, transport... We take care of everything for you.

“Nonetheless, it takes a special kind of person to grab his passport and get surgery in a place he’s visiting for the first time.A lot of them have sports injuries, which aren’t always covered by insurance,”  “They like to travel, they don’t trust U.S. health care, and they love beating the system.”

This helps explain why one of the most common types of significant surgery sought by U.S. medical travelers is orthopedic, especially for knees and hips. Typically, these procedures are nonemergencies, require short hospital stays, and have low complication rates, making them well-suited for travelers.


My Medical Suitcase: the reference for orthopedic surgery in France

Helping the patient to maintain his quality of life focusing on his life project.

A global solution (therapeutic, touristic, logistic, administrative...) unequalled

A tailor-made offer based on your specific needs

The guarantee of a written report or remote consultation with one of the leading French knee and hip experts within a week.

The guarantee of being taken care of within a month if surgery is indicated

Integrated rehabilitation in a dedicated centre with the best technical platforms and paramedical teams including a specialist physiotherapist dedicated to each patient.

The best pricing policy thanks to contractual agreements with our care partners

Steps in the care pathway for knee surgery


First contact

Appointment with a My Medical Suitcase member during which you will introduce your situation and your needs. We will ask you to provide a less than 3 months X-ray or, if possible, a CT scan, and your medical history


Second medical opinion

Within a week, you can have a remote consultation with a surgeon expert in knee replacement surgery – then you will get a quote promptly.


Remote consultation with anaesthetist

Upon validation, organisation of a remote consultation with the anesthesiologist (maximum one month before the surgery)


date of arrival in France

Arrival in France 3 days before the operation to have a scan and a consultation with the surgeon who will drive the operation - Hospitalization on D-1 - Discharge at D+2



For hip surgery, rehabilitation centre for 3 weeks in hospital or outpatient - D+15 Control consultation with your surgeon


Back home

You return home approximately one month after arrival for knee surgery and approximately 3 weeks after hip surgery. Would you wish to do your rehabilitation at home, you will be asked to stay for 2 weeks to wait for the control visit with your surgeon.


The peace of mind of getting a high quality surgery at a control price

We work in partnership with the most advanced facilities in the world. Our main partner is ranked #1 in France for knee replacement surgery and #4 for hip surgery replacement.

Everything happens under the same roof: from diagnosis to rehabilitation, offering exceptional general conditions for convalescence and rehabilitation.

They trust us

Ready to have your knee replacement in France ?