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Access a second opinion from French experts

You have been diagnosed with a serious disease, a complex health problem, you want to be more confident in your therapeutic decision  or confirm a diagnosis? You want to know about the price of treatments and if part of the treatment can be achieved in France?

My Medical Suitcase gives you access to a second medical opinion in a short term: transfer of your file, contact with renowned doctors specialised in your pathology, management of reports.

The second medical opinion is a real good option whatever the specialities : it helps you to have a complementary opinion to the initial decision. Either it allows you to be reassured about the choice of your medical team and to adhere to it with complete confidence. Or it allows for a more precise diagnosis which will open up the possibility of other treatment options in the USA or in France. It helps avoiding misdiagnoses and complications.

The insurance of obtaining the expertise of a French doctor who is highly specialised in your illness or pathology

In accordance with French practice, complex pathologies such as cancer or endometriosis are examined in a multidisciplinary consultation meeting (MCM) to offer the patient the therapeutic solution best suited to his or her specific case in accordance with the latest scientific recommendations.

Get quick access to a second opinion in oncology, orthopaedics, endometriosis from French experts to compare practices and options. Some treatments could be available in France and not in the USA and vice versa.

Helping you to make an informed decision:
The core of our mission


You have been diagnosed with cancer

You want to know if recommended treatment is the best for you or if there are alternatives?
A second opinion is surely one of the solutions! It will allow you to understand the disease, the purpose of the treatments, to match your priorities with the proposed therapeutic solution (benefits, risks) and to indicate if there are possible options.
If you have cancer you want to be sure that everything humanly possible is done to beat the cancer. All the studies demonstrate that confidence in the prescribed treatment contributes significantly to the healing process.
The figures show the importance of a second opinion, especially in oncology. According to the medical journal data, a second oncological opinion deviates from the initial assessment in 40% of cases. One in six patients will change his treatment.


You suffer from endometriosis, why asking for a second opinion

Because endometriosis is still a poorly managed disease, its treatment often inadequate to the patient’s expenses, a second medical opinion from hyper-specialists is highly recommended to make a definitive diagnosis and provide suitable therapeutic solutions.
Being taken care of by centres of excellence in the multidisciplinary management of endometriosis is the best option.


You have chronic pain, when should you seek a second opinion?

If you suffer from knee, hip or shoulder pain, a second opinion will enable you to determine whether surgery is appropriate or to suggest other types of suitable treatment. If surgery is the right option, the second opinion will enable you to know the best operating techniques according to your pathology and your lifestyle.
Being treated in highly specialised referral facilities is essential for you to regain maximum mobility.


Not sure if your radiology report was thorough or accurate?

Long waiting times to receive your radiology reports? Our radiologists can provide a written second opinion on your diagnostic imaging tests, including X-ray, CT, MRI, PET and ultrasound.


My Medical Suitcase:
your partner to get an expert second opinion
in France

Our mission :
to give you access to experts to make better health decisions

An easy solution (file transfer, analysis and report) unequalled

A tailor-made offer based on your specific needs: written advice by report or remote consultation with report

The guarantee of a second opinion within a week

How does it work concretely?


First contact

We organise a free telephone meeting during which we validate the need with you.



You choose the doctor who will provide the second opinion.



You receive an estimate, validate it and pay for it.


Second opinion

Within a week, you receive a second opinion report


Option: remote consultation

If you wish, we organise a remote consultation with the expert who analysed your file



Would you need a treatment, My Medical Suitcase is at your disposal to offer you a care pathway with its partner centres


Second opinion improves patient outcomes. To find peace of mind, why wouldn't you take advantage of it?

A new Mayo Clinic study published in April confirmed that getting a second opinion cuts the chance of misdiagnosis in half.


A multidisciplinary and personalised study of your file. In France, the specialist does not make a decision alone. Each file is examined from every angle by several specialists (surgeon, radiologist, oncologist, specialist of the organ concerned) to choose the best treatment strategy according to current scientific data.

Some complementary health insurance companies cover the cost of the second opinion. Ask us for a quote and submit it to your insurance company to find out how much you will be paid back. If you are self-financing your care, a second opinion will cost you €800 with taxes.

Let’s not forget that France is a major international player in cancer treatment (therapeutic trials, immunotherapy, precision medicine), and advanced surgery. Among the top 100 best hospitals in the world, France is 3rd in the international ranking of countries.

They trust us


How were you diagnosed with endometriosis? 

By a pelvic ultrasound performed by my gynaecologist.

What was your care pathway?

For years I had been seeing my GP for severe pain.  Persistent pain, fatigue and extremely heavy periods led me to a private gynaecologist who performed a pelvic ultrasound and then a laparoscopy, diagnosing endometriosis.

How long did it take for you to be treated ?

Several years for an unsatisfactory result.

How did you hear about My Medical Suitcase ?

As I continued to suffer from the disease, my husband and I continued to look for information on the internet. We came across a webinar in which Dr Merlot, a French and international endometriosis specialist, was speaking. We contacted My Medical Suitcase, which enabled us to get a quick teleconsultation with Dr Merlot.

Would you need a further surgery, do you intend to get it in France ? Why would you do this ?

Yes, because the clinic where Dr Merlot works specialises in endometriosis. As my endometriosis is also digestive, surgery that also includes the digestive system is complex and requires precise expertise.

How would you rate the performance of My Medical Suitcase ?
Do you have any suggestions or additional information ?

Isabelle was very professional, efficient and responsive to my needs. She was also very proactive in helping me find the necessary contacts so that I could gather important information to make informed decisions.

Coralie (US)

I am 41 years old and have been living in the United States for over 15 years.

In May 2021 I have been diagnosed with breast cancer (stage 1) during a routine examination.

About three weeks later, following an appointment in the breast cancer department of a major New York hospital where I had detailed explanation on the phase 1 of my treatment, I have been scheduled for a surgery to remove the tumour.  Many additional screenings were required (ultrasounds, mammograms, radioactive chip for the operation…) and I started to receive the many, many corresponding bills… Despite our health coverage, the amounts were exorbitant compared to the rates we are used to in France.

The surgery went well. At that stage, I had to think about the phase 2 of my treatment consisting in 15 radiotherapy sessions on an almost daily rhythm which should generally start 4 weeks after the surgery. It was early June at that point, and we had planned to pass summer holidays with our family in France. It was real heartbreaker for me to prevent my children from their grandparents and cousins. Beyond the financial aspect, in these moments, personally, I also needed to be with my loved ones in France: parents, friends, family. Then I actively started to activate my French network calling friends, friends’ relationships, hospitals, clinics in Paris and Marseille. I soon realized how complicated it would be for me to organize my treatment remotely and it would probably be wiser to give up the trip.

Fortunately, thanks to a French friend living in New York, I heard about My Medical Suitcase.

With My Medical Suitcase all my radiotherapy treatment could be organised very quickly close to the place I live in France for an affordable price with the guarantee of receiving excellent quality care.

The clinic was easily accessible and clean. The medical staff was very accommodating, competent, and extremely kind.

Finally, this experience was really facilitated by this service, I am very glad to have gone through. It allowed me to have the summer I expected.

I highly recommend My Medical Suitcase to anyone who wishes to be treated in France for their cancer whether for financial or practical reasons or to be surrounded by their loved ones.

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