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There are two types of brain tumours: primary brain tumours and secondary brain tumours (metastases from another cancer such as lung or breast cancer).

Primary brain tumours

Primary brain tumours account for 1% of cancer cases.

Some can be benign, such as meningiomas, which can still cause symptoms.
Gliomas are malignant tumours with a poor prognosis in glioblastoma.

If it is possible the treatment relies on surgery.
Depending on the severity and type of tumours, the treatment will be completed by radiotherapy +/- chemotherapy.
If surgery is not possible, treatment will be based on radiotherapy alone or with chemotherapy.
In this type of treatment 25 to 30 sessions of radiotherapy will be carried out.
For the cerebral radiotherapy, a mask will be made during the centring scan in order to keep the patient in the same position.

Expected effects of treatment may include headaches, hair loss, seizures, nausea.

Secondary brain tumours

The treatment of secondary brain tumours has been revolutionised by stereotactic radiotherapy.
Currently, for less than 5 brain lesions this is the standard treatment which can be delivered in one to five sessions. It is the best way to spare the healthy brain.