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Types of liver cancer can be classified as follows:

  • Primitives of the liver: mainly hepatocellular carcinoma
  • Secondary: Metastases of other types of cancer
Dctor showing liver

Primary liver tumours

In primary liver tumours the reference treatment remains surgery and radiofrequency for tumours smaller than 3 cm.

For patients who are not eligible for either of these two treatments, stereotactic radiotherapy makes it possible in 3 to 6 sessions to obtain local control of the order of 90% and a survival that is comparable in radiofrequency studies or surgery.

It is more than a simple technique, which may require the placement of grains of gold under CT scan in the liver before the irradiation sessions and has few side effects.

Secondary liver tumours

In secondary liver tumours, stereotactic radiotherapy is a standard treatment in Oligometastatic disease.