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Nos centres

France is recognized by the world health organization for its medical excellence , research and innovation. France is one of the 5 best ranked countries in the oncological management of patients.

My Medical Suitcase Radiotherapy, has succeeded in federating numerous radiotherapy centers throughout France in order to be able to offer patients all the most innovative radiotherapy techniques , and this in accordance with international recommendations and current scientific data.


My Medical Suitcase Radiotherapy now has a partnership with a large number of French radiotherapy centers located throughout the country. All centers are considered to be care experts, and are subject to careful and regular monitoring and accreditation by the Nuclear Safety Authority (ASN). The centers of health establishments are certified by the High Authority of Health (HAS) which is the most important French body in terms of quality control and safety of care in the territory.

The My Medical Suitcase Radiotherapy medical team selects the best health facilities and radiotherapist experts to optimize your care. The permanent evaluation of health care establishments is an essential quality criterion of our mission.

Intérieur Hôpital partenaire

My Medical Suitcase Radiotherapy, imagined and created by radiotherapist oncologists , puts you at the center of its concerns so that your oncology management benefits from the best expertise to give you the best chance of recovery.