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My Medical Suitcase RADIOTHERAPY 

Our solution My Medical Suitcase

my Medical Suitcase

Our solution is a secure ergonomic digital platform hosted by an approved health data host which connects patients requiring radiotherapy treatment and medical centres spread all over France.

This service is designed and designed by radiotherapy oncologists having a perfect mastery of the patient journey as well as knowledge of their expectations and needs.

Expertise in care in France

Short take-over times

Ease and accessibility of service

Controlled costs


The My Medical Suitcase platform offers you the possibility to enter your health data online (your medical, as well as your imagery), which are stored and hosted by an authorized health data host.

It allows you:

Registration of your personal data

Creation of your medical file

Secure transmission

Medical analysis by our experts

Respect for your choices

Obtaining medical proposals quickly

Taking into account your availability

Your personalized medical follow-up

Telemedicine with a specialist

The organization of your trip

Permanent access to your medical file

Your subscription is secured with a code sends on your smartphone.

Before connecting to our platform, you must imperatively bring the following documents to the most recent date.



For the medical part


Medical reports concerning the pathology for which you are requesting treatment:

  • Anatomopathological reports
  • Imaging reports: scanners, PET scan, MRI in PDF or JPEG format
  • Imageries in DICOM format
  • Medical letters from specialists
  • Operative reports
  • Biological data
  • Background
  • List of medications
  • Summary letter from the doctor specifying the reason for radiotherapy treatment

Print the list of required documents


For the part travel for therapeutic purposes

Mandatory documents for your visit to France:

  • A passport less than 10 years old, and valid for at least 3 months from the date of departure
  • Driving license if you intend to drive during your stay
  • A visa if your nationality requires it

The common basic supporting documents for obtaining a “short stay” visa:

  • A proof of return (transport ticket)
  • A certificate of adequate and valid travel and repatriation medical insurance
  • A certificate of accommodation in France
  • A written agreement from the clinic for your admission specifying the date and duration of treatment (provided in the My Medical Suitcase platform)
  • A document certifying your ability to meet current expenses in France

Print the list of documents

To benefit from the study of your medical file by a panel of experts and obtain the treatment protocol proposals, a paid package will be requested when you validate your medical file on the Platform, this package will be subject to a reimbursement when you confirm your visit to one of the health centers.
In 72 hours , your file will then be assessed and you will receive treatment proposals from the best French specialists. All you have to do is choose your pick-up location. You will then be put in touch with your new oncologist via a teleconsultation.

vos besoins médicaux avec nos experts

Our digital and secure platform allows experts as healthcare partners:

  • Online administrative registration
  • Viewing anonymized medical records
  • Safe downloading of medical data
  • The transmission of medical reports in the patient’s medical file
  • Teleconsultation with a patient on a date defined by him
  • The request for additional information or examinations

How to subscribe