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“Fortunately, thanks to a French friend living in New York, I heard about My Medical Suitcase.”

Coralie, French expatriate for more than 15 years in the United States, came to France for radiotherapy treatment with My Medical Suitcase. She shares her experience.

I am 41 years old and have been living in the United States for over 15 years.

In May 2021 I have been diagnosed with breast cancer (stage 1) during a routine examination.

About three weeks later, following an appointment in the breast cancer department of a major New York hospital where I had detailed explanation on the phase 1 of my treatment, I have been scheduled for a surgery to remove the tumour.  Many additional screenings were required (ultrasounds, mammograms, radioactive chip for the operation…) and I started to receive the many, many corresponding bills… Despite our health coverage, the amounts were exorbitant compared to the rates we are used to in France.

The surgery went well. At that stage, I had to think about the phase 2 of my treatment consisting in 15 radiotherapy sessions on an almost daily rhythm which should generally start 4 weeks after the surgery. It was early June at that point, and we had planned to pass summer holidays with our family in France. It was real heartbreaker for me to prevent my children from their grandparents and cousins. Beyond the financial aspect, in these moments, personally, I also needed to be with my loved ones in France: parents, friends, family. Then I actively started to activate my French network calling friends, friends’ relationships, hospitals, clinics in Paris and Marseille. I soon realized how complicated it would be for me to organize my treatment remotely and it would probably be wiser to give up the trip.

Fortunately, thanks to a French friend living in New York, I heard about My Medical Suitcase.

With My Medical Suitcase all my radiotherapy treatment could be organised very quickly close to the place I live in France for an affordable price with the guarantee of receiving excellent quality care.

The clinic was easily accessible and clean. The medical staff was very accommodating, competent, and extremely kind.

Finally, this experience was really facilitated by this service, I am very glad to have gone through. It allowed me to have the summer I expected.

I highly recommend My Medical Suitcase to anyone who wishes to be treated in France for their cancer whether for financial or practical reasons or to be surrounded by their loved ones.

Coralie, New York, October 22nd, 2021

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