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Endometriosis : find out expert solutions in France

You have endometriosis or deep endometriosis : a second opinion is highly recommended by our experts because a wrong decision can have irreversible consequences. The best results are obtained when patients receive a single well-conducted surgery, avoiding incomplete iterative surgeries.

You are a British woman who needs a surgery. My Medical Suitcase acts to connect you with the best French experts in endometriosis surgery, at the best price, in a short term.


Unique in Europe : specific surgery for endometriosis of the digestive tract, endometriosis of the sacral plexuses and lesions of the diaphragm.

The insurance of being taken care of in a highly specialised & renowned medical establishment

You need peace of mind and confidence in your healthcare professionals. Our surgeons are highly specialised and certified as Surgeons of Excellence in the Multidisciplinary Management of EndometriosisIn 2021, 725 surgeries for endometriosis were carried out in our main partner centre.

Understanding British women’s concerns about endometriosis management : the core of our mission

Comparing it to cancer surgery is what many, many do, and you would never have surgery for cancer without consulting a cancer specialist. I would urge the same for endometriosis: that you really must see somebody who does surgery regularly, because otherwise you could end up with incomplete surgery” .

Lone Hummelshoj, Head of World Endometriosis Research Foundation


Feeling lost ?

The non-specialised medical professional oscillates between indecision and false certainties sowing doubt in your mind. We guarantee you a first contact with a specialised surgeon within 15 days and a quick turnaround time to come and have your operation if the indication for surgery is confirmed. This first medical appointment will permit you to assess your current treatment and compare it with with other therapeutic options you would have would you be followed in France.

How to make the right decision ?

Only trust the specialists who are proven to be ones. Incomplete or poorly performed initial surgery can lead to persistent or even worsening symptoms and sometimes prevent further surgery. The surgeon's aim is to remove as many endometriosis lesions as possible while respecting the affected and surrounding organs as much as possible. And if you are of childbearing age, it is also very important to preserve your reproductive potential as much as possible.

Planning to be operated in France, but afraid that the treatment will be long, tedious, and badly coordinated ?

Thanks to our network of experts and our organisational capabilities (transport, file transfer, accommodation, etc.), you can be taken care of within a few weeks with planned and optimised postoperative follow-up. Your will stay in France 13 days: surgery and follow-up included.

Either on the NHS or insured, and you don't know if you can get fast and controlled price treatment ?

If you are insured, it is up to you! In any case, contact your insurer. If you are an NHS patient, do you know that agreements exist allowing you to be reimbursed.


My Medical Suitcase: the reference for endometriosis surgery in France

Our mission :
to avoid delays and medical wandering by putting the patient’s life project at the centre of the treatment.

A global solution (therapeutic, tourist, logistical, administrative...) unequalled and a tailor-made offer modelled on your specific needs.

An hyper specialisation around endometriosis surgery.

Access to treatments that have proven their effectiveness in France whereas they are not offered in England.

The guarantee to have a remote consultation with one of the leading French experts in endometriosis within 2 weeks.

The guarantee of being taken care of very quickly if surgery is indicated.

The best pricing policy thanks to contractual agreements with our care partners.

Steps in the care pathway for endometriosis surgery


First contact

We will arrange a telephone call during which you will explain your situation and your needs. We will ask you to provide us with an MRI scan and its report if possible or to perform one prior to the teleconsultation


Remote consultation

Within 2 weeks, you will have a remote consultation with an expert surgeon. We will then quickly provide an offer.


Remote consultation with anaesthetist

If you approve it, we organise a remote consultation with the anaesthetist (one month maximum before the operation).



Hospitalization on the day of the operation.



You leave the clinic and integrate an accommodation near the clinic.



You go back home.
A follow-up is organised with your surgeon the month after the surgery and if necessary, later on according to his recommendation. Would you prefer a physical consultation in France, it can be an option.


The serenity to be cared for by an expert centre

Centres specialising in endometriosis: The creation of expert, reference or specialised endometriosis centres has been recognised as a necessity in France for the last decade, in order to ensure better care for severe forms of the disease. Our centres therefore have a clinical and research activity exclusively dedicated to endometriosis.

In addition, their level of expertise gives them a vocation for training, through post-graduate courses, but also through advanced surgical training with 56 foreign surgeons who have come for training.

You will be taken care of by multidisciplinary teams responding to all the problems of this disease: Gynecological surgeon, Obstetrician Gynecologist, Colorectal surgeon, Digestive surgeon, Urological surgeon, Radiologist, Physician specialised in pain management, kinesitherapist, ostheopath, Sex therapist, psychologist.


As far as endometriosis treatment is concerned, APPG report precises :

  • 46% found their GP(s) unhelpful or very unhelpful.
  • 32% found their gynaecologist(s) unhelpful or very unhelpful.
  • Only 19% knew that they were seen in specialist centres. All those with suspected or confirmed deep endometriosis, for example involving the bowel, should be seen in an endometriosis specialist centre where there are the necessary skills and expertise from multidisciplinary teams to treat these patients. 84% of respondents reported bowel symptoms due to endometriosis, meaning over 60% may be being seen in hospital settings where there is not necessarily the expertise to operate on or treat them effectively.
  • 30% are waiting 6 months or more for surgery, from when their gynaecologist said they needed surgery (pre Covid-19).
  • 54% are not very or not at all confident they could get an appointment with a gynaecologist about their endometriosis symptoms if they felt they needed to.
  • 72% were not given any written information when diagnosed, leaving them without the knowledge and advice they need to make informed choices about their healthcare.

Some indicators for one of our partner centre in 2021 :

  • 3,575 consultations for endometriosis
  • 725 endometriosis surgeries
  • 60 patients assessed in day hospital by the multidisciplinary pain management team
  • 428 surgeries on patients with digestive endometriosis
  • 29 Surgeries for endometriosis of the diaphragm
  • 27 Surgeries for endometriosis of the sacral roots or sciatic nerves
  • 290 Surgeries combining a gynaecologist & a digestive surgeon
  • 35 Surgeries combining a gynaecologist and a urological surgeon
  • 120 Robotic assisted surgeries

We work together!

Stephanie (UK)

How were you diagnosed with endometriosis in the UK ? 

By a pelvic ultrasound performed by my gynaecologist.

What was your care pathway in the UK ?

For years I had been seeing my GP for severe pain.  Persistent pain, fatigue and extremely heavy periods led me to a private gynaecologist who performed a pelvic ultrasound and then a laparoscopy, diagnosing endometriosis.

How long did it take for you to be treated ?

Several years for an unsatisfactory result.

How did you hear about My Medical Suitcase ?

As I continued to suffer from the disease, my husband and I continued to look for information on the internet. We came across a webinar in which Dr Merlot, a French and international endometriosis specialist, was speaking. We contacted My Medical Suitcase, which enabled us to get a quick teleconsultation with Dr Merlot.

What healthcare coverage do you have in the UK ? What are the benefits and barriers ?

I have private insurance in the UK, but it only covers treatment within the UK.

Would you need a further surgery, do you intend to get it in France ? Why would you do this ?

Yes, because the clinic where Dr Merlot works specialises in endometriosis. As my endometriosis is also digestive, surgery that also includes the digestive system is complex and requires precise expertise.

How would you rate the performance of My Medical Suitcase ?
Do you have any suggestions or additional information ?

Isabelle was very professional, efficient and responsive to my needs. She was also very proactive in helping me find the necessary contacts so that I could gather important information to make informed decisions.

Lauren (UK)

I have been diagnosed with endometriosis 8 years ago.  
I had a surgery in London in 2019. I thought about a treatment abroad at that time but found it more confortable for personal reasons to be treated in the UK. 

Currently, I am fully desperate for I go on suffering, I have huge sequelae. My surgery has been missed. Desperate, I consulted a French endometriosis expert to get his opinion. 

Unfortunately, at that stage and considering the previous surgery, he had no surgical solution, which would have been the best option.

I recommend to anyone having this pathology to consult at least 2 experts before making a decision. My life will never be the same just because I didn’t take the time to seek a second opinion. 

Always evaluate benefit/risk before making a decision about your endometriosis surgery