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OCTOBER ROSE: all mobilised

Pink October is an annual communication campaign to raise awareness about breast cancer screening and to raise funds for research. The symbol of this event is the pink ribbon. 

Today in France, one woman in eight is at risk of developing breast cancer during her lifetime. Every year, 54,000 new cases are detected and nearly 12,000 women die from it. 

It is the leading cause of cancer mortality among women.

October Rose is also an international campaign. Its Anglo-Saxon equivalent is the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Organised every October, it aims to raise awareness of the disease and raise funds for research. It was established in 1985.

For one month, health professionals and associations are brought together around the world to provide information on breast cancer screening. It is also an opportunity to organise free screening campaigns.

Walks or races in some cities are dedicated to it, where women walk and run to show their fight against breast cancer. 

Many events are organised to raise funds for medical and scientific research, but also for the associations that support these women.

Many historical monuments around the world are decked out in pink to show their support for this fight, such as the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

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