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Radiation Therapy, Chemotherapy, Immunotherapy

Treating my cancer or part of it in France for less out of pocket expenses

You are an American cancer patient.

You want to optimize the cost of your care and keep control of your upcoming health expenses?

My Medical Suitcase helps you to come to France for treatment in the best conditions (connection with renowned doctors, transfer of medical files, management of administration, transportation, accommodation, tailor-made organization) with the lowest possible out-of-pocket expenses, in unbeatable delays, in partnership with the best centers and clinics in the country.

Put all the chances on your side and access the best of medicine at a controlled and affordable cost.

Benefit from the French “art de vivre”: culture, history, gastronomy, landscape: find the right environment to recover the soonest.

The insurance of obtaining the expertise of a French doctor who is an expert of the cancer you suffer from.

Our medical partners are highly specialized in their discipline and work in medical facilities with the most up-to-date level of equipment.

France’s health care system has been ranked as one of the world’s top-ranking countries. The country follows strict regulatory guidelines and has a public independent regulatory authority (National Health Security) that monitors and provides accreditation of health care products and facilities.

An independent medical board called National Counsil of Doctors acts as the safeguard of French medical ethics and has the power to give sanctions to medical practitioners and surgeons.

Get access to the best cancer therapies and treatments in France with cost containment.

You question yourself about cancer treatment in France kind of care, cost, coverage, rehabilitation, access....

Cost containment: You want to control your health expenses and avoid unpleasant surprises

Would you want to be treated in France, you would receive a quotation before leaving the USA.
All medical expenses linked to the treatment you ask for will be included in the quotation: consultations with your medical referent, treatment, hospitalization, complementary exams prescribed by the specialist prior to your arrival in France (if necessary).
Some extra expenses could be assumed in France: cost of additional examinations not planned before your stay (medical record improperly completed, change in your clinical situation, the cost of medication, unscheduled hospitalization). Any additional examination deemed necessary on site is subject to a prior estimate.

No hidden costs

No surprise bills that sometimes pile up months after treatment. The prices of treatments and medicines are fixed in advance.

You want to have part of your treatment in France

Do you know you can choose to be partly treated in the US and partly in France if you want to. Do not hesitate to ask your medical referent in the US or to directly contact a French expert to get a quotation. Would you be insured, ask you insurer if you are covered for treatments abroad. In any case, you will have all medical reports and screening drawn in France so that you have a therapeutic continuity.

You have doubts on the treatment options you have been suggested

Would you have any doubt on the treatment you need, ask a second medical opinion. We put you in touch with renowned French specialists through a remote consultation so that you can discuss your medical situation directly with them. Then you will be able to make an informed decision.

You need to be confident in your medical pathway

In a situation of vulnerability, it is human to feel the need to be well cared for and supported. Thanks to our team empathy and our network of internationally renowned experts, we can guarantee you trust and serenity, two parameters that undoubtedly play a positive role in healing and recovery


Why people choose
My Medical Suitcase?

Born from the idea of a French oncologist, Nicolas Blanchard, My Medical Suitcase aims to facilitate the care of an American patient who wishes to come to France for medical treatment. Nothing is left to chance so that health is the only concern.

Carefree solution Our team will take time to understand your needs so that your therapeutic travel in France is 100% fluent

Network of highly specialized doctors Our medical partners are referent in their discipline at the national level as far as cancer treatment is concerned.

Online second opinions: access to the best French specialists of your cancer within one week

Innovative treatment options: our partners use cutting edge technologies for patients benefit

Cost containment: we have signed contracts with our medical partners to ensure our patients the best price policy.

Organization of your extras Our conciergerie will take care of all your specific needs

How does it work concretely?


First contact

We organize a free video conference during which we validate the need with you and open your file.


Within 1 week

You benefit from a second opinion with an expert of your pathology



According to your agreement with the doctor, we provide you a quotation for the treatment you validated together.



Would you want us to manage your venue in France, we can provide different options for accommodations, visits, transfers…


Your validation

as soon as you validate your venue in France, we organize it together. You are taken care of and welcomed at the place of arrival by our referent.


Your therapeutic journey

Throughout your stay, you will be followed by a unique referent. Accommodation, transfers to the treatment center, tourist outings, concierge services, catering... Everything can be managed by our team according to your initial choices.


A medical system still unequalled, why wouldn't you take advantage of it?

Your medical file is analyzed in a multidisciplinary consultation meeting. In France, the specialist does not make his decision alone. Each file is examined from every angle by several specialists (surgeon, radiologist, oncologist, anatomopathologists) to choose the best therapeutic strategy according to current scientific data.

A medical system still unequalled: costs for operations and treatments are very often less expensive than elsewhere. France is pioneer in cancer treatments and research and offers the most sophisticated facilities in the world for medical and tourism purposes. France ranks #3 in the international ranking of countries in the top 100 best hospitals in the world. It is the world’s leading tourist destination with 83 million visitors per year.

Costs for radiotherapy treatments:

  • Radiotherapy in stereotactic conditions (8 sequences): 12,225$
  • 15 Sequences of radiotherapy treatment (whatever the technique used): 15,200$
  • 40 Sequences of radiotherapy treatment (whatever the technique used): 18,100$

We work in partnership with the most advanced facilities in the world and our medical teams consider the patient in his full body. You need peace of mind and confidence in your health professionals

Availability in the type of speciality treatments France is internationally renowned for its expertise in cancer care, treatment and research. As a result, it has one of the best cancer survival rates in Europe. French establishments have been able to stay ahead of recent and promising developments such as personalized medicine and immunotherapy and have some of the most cutting-edge technology in the world.


They trust us

Coralie (US)

I am 41 years old and have been living in the United States for over 15 years.

In May 2021 I have been diagnosed with breast cancer (stage 1) during a routine examination.

About three weeks later, following an appointment in the breast cancer department of a major New York hospital where I had detailed explanation on the phase 1 of my treatment, I have been scheduled for a surgery to remove the tumour.  Many additional screenings were required (ultrasounds, mammograms, radioactive chip for the operation…) and I started to receive the many, many corresponding bills… Despite our health coverage, the amounts were exorbitant compared to the rates we are used to in France.

The surgery went well. At that stage, I had to think about the phase 2 of my treatment consisting in 15 radiotherapy sessions on an almost daily rhythm which should generally start 4 weeks after the surgery. It was early June at that point, and we had planned to pass summer holidays with our family in France. It was real heartbreaker for me to prevent my children from their grandparents and cousins. Beyond the financial aspect, in these moments, personally, I also needed to be with my loved ones in France: parents, friends, family. Then I actively started to activate my French network calling friends, friends’ relationships, hospitals, clinics in Paris and Marseille. I soon realized how complicated it would be for me to organize my treatment remotely and it would probably be wiser to give up the trip.

Fortunately, thanks to a French friend living in New York, I heard about My Medical Suitcase.

With My Medical Suitcase all my radiotherapy treatment could be organised very quickly close to the place I live in France for an affordable price with the guarantee of receiving excellent quality care.

The clinic was easily accessible and clean. The medical staff was very accommodating, competent, and extremely kind.

Finally, this experience was really facilitated by this service, I am very glad to have gone through. It allowed me to have the summer I expected.

I highly recommend My Medical Suitcase to anyone who wishes to be treated in France for their cancer whether for financial or practical reasons or to be surrounded by their loved ones.

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