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Artificial Intelligence in Oncology

Artificial intelligence is nowadays in full expansion. It has multiple applications in medicine especially in oncology. We provide here an overview of its utility.

AI for the detection of cancer

Multiple studies have now shown that AI can help physician to diagnose cancer. It can be on mammography for breast cancer or on scanner for Lung cancer or colon for example.

An AI app has even been developed to determine if a skin lesion is malignant.

Due to its features AI can use multiple information on images that are undetectable for human eyes (slight changes in color or in contrast for example) and is able to predict cancer subtypes or aggressiveness.

AI for the cancer genomics

The development of genomics in cancer leads to the necessity to analyze thousands of genes and to associate them with clinical endpoints.

AI allows to identify new combinations to predict cancer outcomes or identify new treatment candidates at a whole new scale.

AI in radiotherapy

Delineation is a crucial step in radiotherapy and is time-consuming.

However, an inter-operator variability exists despite delineation guidelines. Current development in AI allow to obtain fast and reproductible delineation.

The same process could be applied to design the treatment plan.

We can imagine AI based on world-class expert delineation and plan and to use it in any radiotherapy center in the world.

It will be a way to benefit from the best radiotherapy in the world near to you.

For now, my Medical Suitcase is the best way to access to the best care in expert centers using the latest technology in cancer treatment by radiotherapy.

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