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Who are we? An alternative solution to the treatment of your cancer

My Medical Suitcase was born out of an idea by a French radiation oncologist, Nicolas Blanchard. He observed, following numerous exchanges with foreign patients, that not all of them are lucky enough to be treated peacefully in their own country, for reasons of very long waiting times, very high treatment costs, or because of the lack of a health care coverage system…

Machine médicale

For a doctor, it is hard to imagine that patients cannot be treated within the timeframe and under the conditions recommended by the WHO. My Medical Suitcase offers access to the best international care in radiotherapy to foreign patients thanks to the pooling of skills with 3 associates sharing a common vision and values; Dr Thomas Leroy (radiation oncologist), Maître Charles Casal (lawyer specialised in corporate and medical law), and Isabelle Van Renterghem (specialist in international trade) who leads the company.

Of course, My Medical Suitcase is organised by areas of expertise, My Medical Suitcase being the holding company of its two subsidiaries:

  • My Medical Suitcase Radiotherapy is a service company that connects cancer patients in need of radiotherapy treatment with French radiotherapy centres. My Medical Suitcase has an exclusive agreement with a large number of radiotherapy centres throughout France.
  • My Medical Suitcase Travel, travel operator, which offers you a tailor-made turnkey logistics services related to your therapeutic trip and your medical journey in France.

My Medical Suitcase values

Respect for the individual and their culture

Quality of care



Patient satisfaction







Innovation – Disruptive solutions

Cultural mix

Team spirit






Price optimisation

Our values


  1. Thanks to the association of a large number of radiotherapy centres throughout France offering the best cancer treatment techniques.
  2. By leaving you the choice of your treatment centre. For a file registered online, you can receive up to 8 proposals. It’s up to you to select your treatment centre.
  3. By offering you a single rate for the same treatment, regardless of the treatment centre that takes care of you.
  4. Thanks to our specialised and secure partners in transport and accommodation, selected for the quality and safety of their services in order to bring you the best value for money.
  5. By the implementation of two secure ergonomic digital platforms:

The platform which enables:

  • Teleconsultation: communication between patients/specialists/GP with the French radiation oncologists
  • The transmission of medical data (medical record – imaging – pathological anatomy etc.)

My Travel Diary which enables the organisation of:

  • The patient’s travel schedule (accommodation – transfers)
  • Transfers of patients from their accommodation to the Treatment Centre
  • The calendar of appointments with the Care Centre.

Quick access to the latest technology in cancer radiotherapy treatment

The expertise of our radiation oncologists

The secure transfer of medical data

The organisation of your therapeutic trip

My Medical Suitcase offers a cutting-edge service, that is fully personalised, thought out and designed for you by radiotherapy professionals. The patient care journey is perfectly under control. Everything has been thought out, developed and adapted to your needs according to the expectations of the radiation oncologists who take care of you, with the aim of facilitating your treatment and optimising your chances of recovery.